You’ve likely seen me around as Becki Labine - your favourite curvy, geeky, tattooed ginger - and I’m in no hurry to shed that name, but the changes that began in 2020 have led me to adopt another moniker and transform myself into who you now see as the Covid-Cautious Companion.  

I know that continuing to acknowledge the realities of a social landscape shaped by covid isn’t for everyone, but if you - like me - have managed to dodge the virus for 2 years and counting (or if you’ve been exposed and learned firsthand how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure), you know just how hard it can be to navigate this world, much less find companionship that can meet your high needs for safety.  To that end, I’ve put my biology degree to use and crafted a set of protocols that should serve us both in creating as safe an environment as possible to have our little dalliances.

If you’d like to meet in public to build familiarity we could spend a morning exploring any of the wonderful museums Indy offers or checking out the new exhibits at the zoo; in the milder weather there’s also coffeeshops and parks with outdoor seating (and I could bring a board or card game if you’d be open to a little play with our flirtation).

Prefer to meet in private? I’m always game to cuddle up and binge some cult classic movies, snack on charcuterie and do some gaming or there are even more traditional options available if you’re feeling touch-starved and need a little oxytocin boost. There’s a breadth of experiences available if you just go through my contact form.

You've spent years being safe, so you’re overdue to indulge; open up your busy schedule and let's sneak away to a place of comfort and acceptance where you can set aside the pressures and worries of your day. We can make our escape into a realm where the only cardinal rule is to treat one another well and we're free to explore whatever our hearts desire.

I'll be your favourite Indianapolis redhead in no time at all...


Due to the very personal nature of what we do together there is always a chance that chemistry may not develop, despite our best efforts. I value providing as authentic an experience as is possible in our time together, so to that end I will only see those with whom I share a connection which enriches us both. If that chemistry fails to emerge I reserve the right to politely decline further engagements.