COVID Precautions

Personally Speaking:

My day job is a remote work situation, so contact with people is minimal.
I mask consistently with a KF94 or N95 mask while in public and avoid large gatherings, public events, etc. 

I’ve been vaccinated for COVID (not completely boosted) and monkeypox to limit my likelihood as a vector. 

In Session:

I turn away any unmasked visitors at the door - if they can’t respect my precautions they aren’t allowed access to my space.

I only accept one session a week to provide time for quarantine and PCR testing between engagements.

For all private sessions a HEPA air purifier is run in-room for the entire time to reduce potential airborne viral load.

I also offer a discount for private sessions that allow me to remain masked the entire time.

Expected of You:

I will administer a RAT (rapid test) to you at the beginning of the session and am happy to take one myself if requested.

You’re welcome to provide me with your vaccination record as an additional assurance, but it doesn’t countermand any of these requirements.

I require a negative PCR test taken within 3 days of the session and request that you avoid un-masked interactions between testing and meeting for any fully un-masked sessions. ‍